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Из истории Белорусского университета: приезд Якова Громера в Минск

   История профессора Громера (на снимке) хорошо известна.
Молодцы, конечно, что "Громэна" заменили на правильного Громера.
Но вот то, что "автор нашумевшей теории относительности" из Энштеина
стал вовсе Эпштейном, это очень нехорошо.

Тем, кто читает по-английски: A letter from Prof. Albert Einstein to Prof. Chinitch, 7th April 1953

Dr. Yaakov Gromer
     Dr. Gromer was in many aspects an extraordinary man. After his childhood in the land of his birth, where he had embraced the study of the Talmud exclusively, there then developed in him a great mathematician – and he came to Goettingen, which was at that time the metropolis of mathematics in Germany. After a short time there he had attracted the attention of the local mathematicians, and in a very short time not only did he attain a deep knowledge of this profession but had also managed to write research which was very highly regarded in order to obtain his doctorate. 
     He came to Berlin and worked with me as my private assistant on the relativity theory. In those days we published several works together. He remained with me until the early 1930s when he was invited to a prestigious post in Minsk. 
     Dr. Gromer was not only a brilliant thinker, but also a man with multifaceted interests. He would participate enthusiastically in Jewish matters and was always ready to help everyone. 
     Taking into account the fact that he suffered from a terrible illness that left him with an ugly appearance, and weakened his body, one can only reflect on how much this man could have contributed to the world. His predicament meant that it was not easy to live with him. Socially it was difficult to maintain camaraderie with him and therefore a productive and fruitful relationship. Because of his own suffering, he was very anxious, and his painful emotions would emanate to those around him. 
                                                                                                                                                                     Signed by Albert Einstein.
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